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We offer a large variety of machining capabilities, and have experience machining a vast majority of metals, plastics, and other materials.
MCR-A4C Bridge Style Machine with a Travel of X-204" x Y-118" x Z-64" One Okuma 1052V with a travel of X-80", Y-41.73", Z-31.5", and a second 1052V with a travel of X-120", Y-41", Z-31.5" (3) Okuma M560V machines with a travel of X-41.417", Y-22.126", Z-18.189" Okuma MB-66VA with a travel of X-59", Y-26"
Harding GX-1000
Okuma V4020 with a travel of X-40", Y-20". Harding GX-1000 with a travel of X-80.787", Y-41.811", Z-31.574".